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Lazy Town creator among the most popular Icelandic speakers Featured

Magnús Scheving, Creator of Lazy Town Magnús Scheving, Creator of Lazy Town

The Icelandic entrepreneur and former fitness contestant, Magnus Scheving, is the CEO and creator of Lazy Town. He has become a very popular public speaker and is now among the most popular Icelandic speaks. Giving lectures around the world for CEO´s and many others.

Magnus is often contacted to give speeches at conferences regarding various things related to business and leadership. CEO's, marketing directors and other managers are among the people attending these conferences. 

Magnus has given speeches where famous people are attending, for example Colin Powell, Paul Krugman and Filipe but he is the heir to the Spanish throne. Magnus also appeared at the annual conference for heart surgeons in Rome recently.

He recently came home from Norway and Mexico where he was giving encouraging talks at conferences and universities about marketing. Magnus will travel to Russia next week, where he will talk to reporters and media people, and next year he will give a lecture in Washington DC.

Magnus says that he does not satisfy the demand. "I have been doing this for twenty years, but for the past five years I have attended around ten conferences a year. I cannot fit any more in my schedule because of other work." said Magnus Scheving.

Lazy Town is filmed in a studio specially built, is the most expensive children's show ever made, costing one million dollars per episode.

Magnús Örn Scheving better known by his character Sportacus is an actor, gymnast and motivational speaker, born 10 November 1964 in Reykjavík.


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