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Police Officer sentenced for assaulting civilian - VIDEO

This summer we reported alleged police brutality,  after a police officer was caught on video arresting a drunk woman down town Reykjavik. Click Here to read more.

The police officer involved in the arrest this summer was sentenced for physical assault by the Reykjavík District Court. He was sentenced to pay a fine, ISK 300,000 ($2500, €1800).

Police officer found guilty of assault

The police officer was found guilty for having shown brute force and exerting more power than the circumstances called for. He was also convicted of assault while in public office.

The woman was also convicted

This past October, the arrested woman received a 30 day suspended prison sentence for spitting at the police officer.

Following is the famous video of the arrest:


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Last modified on Sunday, 08 December 2013 14:57

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