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Icelandic National Day celebrated in Iceland today - June 17th

The Icelandic Independence Day celebrations in Reykjavík 2013 will take place in the city centre from 10 o´clock in morning untill 7. p.m. The programme will include family oriented entertainment, concerts, outdoor play sets, variety shows and street happenings.

Icelandic National Day, 17 June, is a holiday in Iceland and celebrates the day in 1944 that The Republic of Iceland (Lýðveldið Ísland) was formed. The date of 17 June was chosen because it is the birthday of Jón Sigurðsson, a major figure of Icelandic culture and the leader of the 19th century Icelandic independence movement.

Programme for 17th of June 2013 celebrations in Reykjavík.

Chiming of all church bells in Reykjavík

Mass in Domkirkjan Cathedral
Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir, Bishop of Iceland preaches
Celebrants are the reverends Hjálmar Jónsson and Sveinn Valgeirsson
The Dómkirkja choir sings. Conductor: Kári Þormar. Soloist: Þórunn Vala Valdimarsdóttir

The Icelandic government´s National Day ceremony at Austurvöllur
The choir Vox Feminae sings: Yfir voru ættarlandi
Conductor: Guðrún Árný Guðmundsdóttir
The President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, lays a wreath of flowers at the Jón Sigurðsson monument
The choir Vox Feminae sings the National Anthem
The Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson speaks
The Girls Choir of Reykjavík sings: Hver á sér fegra föðurland
Fjallkona (The Mountain Woman) recites a poem
The Brass Band Svanur plays: Ég vil elska mitt land
Conductor: Brjánn Ingason
The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service broadcasts the ceremony on radio and television

Parade from Austurvöllur to the Suðurgata Cemetery
Vice Chairman of the City Council, Björk Vilhelmsdóttir, lays a wreath of flowers on the grave of Jón Sigurðsson
The Brass Band Svanur plays
The Scouts Honour Guard will stand to attention

12:15 – 16
Antic cars, cruise and show
The Antique Automobile Club of Iceland, show by the main stage at Arnarhóll
Kruser Car Club, show by the lake. The Kruser Band plays at 15:00

A parade from Hlemmur, down Laugavegur: The Workers Brass Band, The Brass Band Svanur and the Street Theatre participate
A parade from Hagatorg to Hljómskálagarður: The Reykjavik Brass Band plays

13 – 17
Hljómskálagarður (Park by the lake)
Skátaland outdoor play sets and games (free of charge)
Toti the clown
A fairy talef rom the Stop Theatre Group
Ármann gymnastic club
A Chinese kung fu performance
The Kruser Band
and more

Children and family entertainment at Arnarhóll
13.30 Söngvaborg, childrens musical theatre
13.50 The circus artists Katla and Katrín
14.00 Lazytown
14.25 A Love Story in the Mountains from the Possible Theatre
14.45 Singer Eyþór Ingi
15.10 Birna Björns Dance School
15.20 Dance Group Swaggerific
15.30 The circus artists Jay, Ben and Jacob
16:05 Rebel Dance Studio
16:15 Bollywood and Breakdance from Kramhúsið
16.30 Söngvaborg, childrens musical theatre
16.45 The band Dr. Gunni & His Friends

13:30 - 17
Children and family entertainment at Ingólfstorg
The Icelandic Circus with roving characters, circus workshop and circus shows at 14:15, 15:30 and 16:30

13:30 & 14:30
Brúðubíllinn in Hallargarður
The puppet show Puppet´s Tango

13:30 – 18
The Creative Groups of Hitt Húsið and other happenings
The Street Theatre, musicians, dancers and other artists perform in the streets, parks and squares

14– 17
Happenings in Austurvöllur
Dance and musical acts on the stage and sidewalks

Open air chess set in Lækjargata
Chess tournament

Sun watching in Austurvöllur
The Astrological website studies the sun

Strength competition by the City Hall
Yoke Race at Vonarstræti in the competition The Strongest Man in Iceland

Vikings in Hallargarður
Viking games with the viking society Einherji

17th of June sailing competition
Brokey’s sailing competition off the shore from Sæbraut

Accordion Ball in the City Hall
Accordion Club of Reykjavík

16:45 – 19:00
Concert at Arnarhóll
16.45 Dr. Gunni & His Friends
17:15 Ojba Rasta
17:55 Retro Stefson
18:30 Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band

Ball in Ingólfstorg
Come and Dance

The celebration area is Kvosin, including Austurvöllur, Kirkjustræti, Templarasund, Ingólfstorg, Arnarhóll, Tjarnargarður and Reykjavík Harbour. Car traffic in this area will be limited.
The supervision of the Independence Day programme is in the hands of the Independence Committee of the Sport and Youth Council of Reykjavík.


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