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Iceland benefits much from immigrants according to OECD

Eyglo Hardardottir, minister of social affairs Eyglo Hardardottir, minister of social affairs

According to a new report from OECD Iceland is in fifth place of the 27 countries that were studied with respect to how much immigrants contribute to the society. In Iceland immigrants increase the GDP by 0.9 percent but the average is 0.35 percent across all the countries.

The calculations are based on data from 2007 to 2009, but it is also mentioned that the financial crisis has nowhere else decreased the inflow of immigrants more than in Ireland and Iceland. 

Luxembourg is at the top of the list, but immigrants increase the GDP by around 2 percent there. However immigrants are 42% of the population in Luxembourg, compared to 11% in Iceland.  Germany is at the bottom of the list, but immigrants in Germany decrease the GDP by 1.13 percent according to OECD.




Last modified on Monday, 17 June 2013 16:18

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