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Police Officer taught boys in the street how to skateboard

The Icelandic Police often posts unusual and interesting pictures and stories on their Facebook page, and most recently on their Instagram. This time it was a Police Watch Officer which taught a few boys how to skateboard.

The police officers were driving when they saw a group of young boys struggling and practicing certain skateboarding tricks. As usually, the police came to the rescue, one of the officers stepped out and offered to help by teaching them to 'ollie' in the sun. The boys laughed to begin with. Then the officer did a 'ollie kickflip' which shut the boys up and earned him respect as he received a fist pump from the boys, after a perfect landing.

The police added a few 'hashtags' to the picture:

#olliekickflip #skater #5-0 #cop #cops #picoftheday #skateordie #monitormynd #sun #happy #instamood #skatercop #teaching #iceland #summeriniceland


The Icelandic Police can be found on Instagram under the name: logreglan.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 14:51

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