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Majority of Icelanders supports fin whale hunting

Around 60% of Icelanders are in favour of fin whale hunting. 18% were against the hunting. Whale hunting has most support among those who support the Independence Party, or around 75%. 

This is revealed in a new poll from an Icelandic media corporation. The poll was made from June 26th - 27th. A total of 802 people were asked about their views on fin whale hunting.

Equally many said that they were somewhat in favour and strongly in favour, or a total of around 60%. Around 9% were rather against fin whale hunting and 9% were strongly against. 24% said that they were neutral.

There was a large difference depending on where people live. Around 50% of those who live in the capital were in favour but 21% were against. Those who live outside the capital were 68% in favour, but only 13% were against fin whale hunting.

There was not a big difference in the replies when categorized by age. But there is a large difference when categorized by polital views. 72% of those who support the Progressive party are in favour of fin whale hunting, and 73% of those who support the Independence Party are in favour. Those two parties form the coalition government in Iceland, so it is highly unlikely that the current government will ban whale hunting.

Only 39% of those who support the Social Democratic Alliance are in favour of fin whale hunting, and 40% of those who support the Left-Green Movement are in favour.


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Last modified on Sunday, 30 June 2013 21:57

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