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Icelanders talked on the phone for 2200 minutes on average

Every Icelander spent on average one and a half day on speaking on the mobile phone last year. Two and a half days were spent on speaking on the home phone. This is stated in a new report that the telecommunications surveillance institutions in the Nordic countries, along with Estonia and Lithuania, have published.

The report states that every Icelander spent around 2200 minutes on speaking on a mobile phone last year. This is similar to what it has been for the past five years. In 2007 the number of minutes were 1678 on average but in 2008 they were 2135. 

Icelanders spend a similar amount of time on the mobile phone as their neighbors. People in Finland and Norway use their mobile phones the most, last year they talked on the mobile phone for 2300 per person on average.

Icelanders use the home phone a lot. They spent 3700 minutes, or 60 hours, on the home phone last year, on average.

Icelanders do not send as many texts as the other Nordic countries. Icelanders sent on average 646 texts in 2012 or around two per day on average. The number of texts has however increased, in 2011 Icelanders sent 569 texts per person on average.

In comparison people in Denmark sent 1500 texts per person on average last year, or around 4 per day.




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