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Caught a mermaid on tape outside of Iceland

Two men say that they caught it on tape when a mermaid came up to their submarine where they were doing research in the Arctic Ocean for the Icelandic government. This is revealed in an episode called Mermaids: The New Evidence which was aired recently on Animal Planet.

One of the men is called Torsten Schmidt, a Danish marine geologist, but he says that he works with doing measurements with sound waves to determine if there is oil or gas under the ocean.

In the video here below you can see where the men are in a submarine, around 1000 meters below the ocean surface, and there is total darkness except for the lights on the submarine. It is known that strange creatures live there, in the darkness where there is great pressure. A lot of strange sounds can be heard where the men sit in the submarine, but this job is not for claustrophobic people.

They also claim that the Icelandic government had silenced their requests to research the matter further, because it might affect the search for oil.

Animal Planet has declared that the incident is not real, but still many discussions have taken place regarding whether mermaids exist or not. 

The alledged mermaid can be best seen on minute 33:20.



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Last modified on Saturday, 13 July 2013 13:39

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