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Mayor of Reykjavik wonders if Jesus Christ was gay

Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr, mayor of Reykjavik

Jon Gnarr, the mayor of Reykjavik, asked if Jesus Christ may have been gay and possibly crucified because of that in his speech at a conference on human rights that is held in Belgium. He iterated that Reykjavik wants to terminate the sister city agreement with Moscow because of the Russian authorities position towards gay people.

The mayor is one of the key speakers at an international conference that the human rights committee of Antwerp arranged in connection to the World Outgames that will be held tomorrow, but that is the sports, culture and human rights festival of gay people.

In a speech that Jon Gnarr gave at the conference he emphasized the importance of fighting for equal rights for everybody. He said that it was as important for mayors and other politicians to fight for human rights as it is to fix holes in roads or improving the educational system. He also said that human rights should be at the top of every politicians to-do list.

Jon Gnarr said  that he personally fights for gay rights and that Reykjavik as a city should support all human rights battles. That is why he wants, as mayor of Reykjavik, to terminate the sister city agreement between Reykjavik and Moscow, because Russian authorities have been persecuting gay people. He encourages other mayors of European capitals to follow the example and make human rights a priority.

Jon Gnarr said that he wrote a letter to the mayor of Moscow last year and asked him to hounor human rights, but that he got no reply. Jon also wrote the pope because of the homophobia at the Vatican, but he did not receive a reply either for them, even though the letter was in latin.

The mayor said that it is a misunderstanding by some religion groups that the gods are against gay people and Jon Gnarr wonders if Christ may have been gay. Christ was almost never with women and maybe that was the reason why he was crucified.


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Last modified on Friday, 02 August 2013 14:22

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