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95 year old inmate in Iceland - Receives no special treatment

The oldest inmate in an Icelandic prison is 95 years old. Because of lack of space, there is no way to separate older inmates from the younger ones.

Páll Winkel, Prison Service Director, said there are 8 senior citizen inmates in Iceland, older than 70 years old. They don't receive any special treatment and are not separated from younger or perhaps violent prisoners. Most of these older men have been convicted for sexually abusing children, which puts them close to the bottom of the 'food chain' in the prison. It's therefore not unlikely that they will serve their sentence with violent men.

"There should be the possibility to separate inmates much further and prison authorities in Iceland are waiting for a new prison where that will be possible."

500 convicted men are now waiting to serve their sentence, there of around 3-5 senior citizens. Some of them might though get away with serving their sentence. Read more here:  'Criminals don't go to prison for lack of space - Sentences Expire'.



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Last modified on Wednesday, 14 August 2013 12:56

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