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Illegal Strip Dance and prostitution easily available in Iceland

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Tómas Gabríel Benjamin, writer for The Reykjavík Grapevine, visited one of Iceland's 'Champagne VIP clubs' to find out what exactly goes on inside. What does a really expensive glass of champagne really buy you?

He found out that ISK 20 thousand ($166, €125)  buys you 15 minutes and 60 thousand ($500, €375) buys you 1 hour, of "private time".

The italicized text is from the atricle:

I had spent the afternoon preparing so as to not reveal myself as a journalist on a quest to discover whether or not illegal stripping was taking place at the club.

I ask to see the menu, and the matron hands over a single laminated A4 sheet. There are six or so drinks on the menu, and the lower half simply says “private time,” with times ranging from 15 minutes for 20,000 to 1 hour for 60,000 ISK. I ask for 15 minutes, and the matron asks me “with who?” I ask the blonde woman what her name is, and she says Lisa, from [eastern European country].

Lisa leads me upstairs to the top floor. A small dance floor is beaming with disco lights, but six curtained-off booths that look to be 2x5 metres in dimensions occupy the majority of the space. She takes me into one of the booths and I sit down in a leather sofa. As soon as the curtains are drawn, she starts dancing.

The clothes start coming off…

“We can have a lot of fun tonight… if you want,” she responds. “You can stay hours, we can drink champagne. What do you think about that?” “I think I would like to see you naked,” I reply.

Naked after just 5 minutes

I ask her if she gets this naked for everyone or if I’m just lucky, and she says with tongue in cheek “no, usually I don’t do topless.” But she assures me her boss doesn’t have a problem with her doing it, and I that I wouldn’t get into trouble. She keeps dancing, rubbing her breasts in my face, and climbing over me. I ask her if she has a shaved pussy. She tells me it’s shaved. She tells me teasingly that I won’t get to see for myself, but then takes off her panties. I look at my watch; we are five minutes into our proposed fifteen and she’s already naked in front of me.

Lisa asks me what I’m thinking, and I tell her I want to touch her pussy, asking how much that would cost. She answers “if you pay one hour, one champagne, and some tips,” and that we can do that in the club.

I ask how much sex would cost, and she says, “we cannot have sex here, but we can have a lot of fun here, and make me want you, then maybe I will meet you after.

... I slip out. I get flooded with a range of emotions from disgust, anger and shame, but they settle at simply feeling sullied.


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Reykjavík’s Champagne Clubs

Today there are three champagne clubs operating in Reykjavík: Strawberries, Crystal and VIP club (the latter two opened this year).


Prostitution and other sexual services have also proved to be available in Iceland through classified ads, both online and in Icelandic newspapers.



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Last modified on Friday, 16 August 2013 15:28

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