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Gay Pride

Gay Pride in Iceland

This colourful event brings tens of thousands of people into the city centre every year to show solidarity and have fun with the gay community in Reykjavik. Gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people, friends, relatives, a fast growing number of tourists, and the general public all come together to celebrate and support human rights for all.


The Reykjavik Gay Pride always takes place around the second weekend of August. August is the busiest tourist month in Reykjavik and it can be hard at this time of the year to find a hotel room in the city. Those who are planning a visit are urged to make a hotel reservation in advance.

The gay rights campaign in Iceland has a history of thirty years, a chronicle of a struggle and victory almost unique in the world. From being an invisible group of an oppressed minority, the lesbians and gay men in Iceland have now gained social and legal rights which is comparable to the best of its kind in the world. This is clearly reflected in our festivities – a true manifestation of our pride and ambition.


This year Reykjavik Gay Pride Festivals will be from August 8th - 11th.


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