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Blaer won before the District Court - gets to keep her name

Ms. Blær Bjarkardóttir Ms. Blær Bjarkardóttir

At the District Court in Reykjavik today it was ruled that it is allowed to name girls Blær. The Icelandic Naming Committee had decided some time ago that the name Blær is a man's name. Many people were present in court today when the ruling was made.

This case has gotten a lot of attention, both in Iceland and internationally. Ms. Björk Eiðsdóttir sued the Icelandic State on behalf of her daughter, Ms. Blær Bjarkardóttir, who is only fifteen years old. The name has never been approved by the authorities before and so she has been registered in the National Registry as Stúlka Bjarkardóttir, but Stúlka means Girl. 

Ms. Björk said that her daughter had told a judge that she was very happy with her name and that she had never had any problems with the name, except when dealing with the authorities. "My lawyer submitted documents that show that there is a precedent for it, that the name can be both female and male" said Ms. Björk in an interview.



Last modified on Thursday, 31 January 2013 13:22

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