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Iceland is the Safest and Most Secure Country in the World

According to The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index, Iceland ranks number 15. The Index is a unique global inquiry into wealth and wellbeing in 142 countries. Iceland ranks number one in the safety&security category.

Wealth + Wellbeing = Prosperity

The Legatum Prosperity Index is based on a number of categories. It shows not only how countries are performing today, but also how they might evolve in the future. Some of the categories used for weighing the index are Governance, Education, Health&Security and Entrepreneurship&Opportunity. The factor that limits Iceland the most is obviously the economical factor. The top three countries are, not surprisingly, our neighbors, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

First in Safety & Security

Iceland scores 61st in the economy category, 9th in Entrepreneurship&Opportunity, 20th in governance, 13th in education, 13th in health, 1st in safety&security, 10th in personal freedom and 13th in social capital. The economy factor places Iceland among Upper Middle Ranking Countries, hence the yellow color (see picture below).

Of the top 17 countries we have 14 European countries.

Here is a sample from the Index list: (Green signifies High Ranking Countries)

Iceland Prosperity Index Table Rankings


See the complete list and more info at:



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