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Slowing down the EU negotiations

The Icelandic government recently announced that it will slow down the negotiations with the EU and no new chapters will be opened until after the pariamentary elections in April 2013. 

There are two parties currently in Government, The Left-Green movement and the Social Democratic Alliance. The former strongly opposes joining the EU but for the latter joining the EU is a priority. It seems that the Left-Green movement has put some pressure on halting the negotiations. This might be a tactical move since the most difficult chapters are yet to be opened and discussions about these chapters might have a large effect on the political campaigns. 

The controversial chapters yet to be opened are for example Agriculture and Fisheries. These chapters will now be opened after the elections in April, if they are opened at all. As the polls stand it is likely that the next government will widthdraw the EU application, since the party with the biggest support, The Independece Party, is likely to withdraw the application. Mr. Bjarni Benediktsson, Chairman of the Independence party has said that the wants to withdraw the application.

In any case, it is very likely that a referendum will be held after the elections where the public can choose to withdraw the application or to continue the negotiations. According to recent polls the nation is split in half regarding this subject.

The Social Democratic Alliance wanted to finish the application process on this term but many obstacles have delayed the process, for example the Macherel dispute between Iceland, Norway and the EU. 

It is wise not to rush the negotiations in order to get the best contract as possible. Also it might be wise to see how the conditions in Europe develop over the next months before Icelanders take a final decision on joining or not.

Last modified on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 12:36
Steinar Macro

Steinar 'Macro' Bjornsson is an economist with great interest in economics and politics. Steinar has also worked in the travel industry in Iceland and is interested in tourism and everything related to traveling. Steinar is the co-founder of and editor at News of Iceland.

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