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A Series of Earthquakes in North Iceland Last Night

Many quite large earthquakes were measured in North Iceland last night. One was measured to be 4.7 points in magnitude at 10:52 last night and another one was 4.6 points, 11:05.

As we reported HERE, the National Commissioner in Iceland has declared a State of Uncertainty in North Iceland because of the earthquakes. 

The Earthquakes are moving closer to the mainland

The source of the earthquakes was about 30 km (18.6 miles) east-southeast from Grímsey island in North Iceland. The earthquakes were felt all over the north of Iceland, for example in Akureyri and Dalvík, and people were startled. The Icelandic Meteorology Office says that the activity has changed from the night before yesterday as those new swarms of earthquakes were measured 15-20 km southeast of the original source of the large quake from 2 nights ago. The quake activity has been jumping back and forth, from the original location to the new one. 


A considerable amount of earthquakes was felt last night and many quakes were measured between 3 and 4 points in magnitude. Sets of earthquakes are not uncommon in this area. 

Impossible to predict future earthquakes

It is impossible to predict about the continuation of the earthquakes and we can not exclude that these past sets of earthquakes  will affect nearby fracture zones with increased activity southeast and northwest of the earthquake. More large earthquakes could follow, but that's impossible to predict.


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