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"Icelanders should not seek oil in the Dragon Zone"

One of the best known environment journalists in the world says that Icelanders should not seek oil in the Dragon Zone. That would be an important and remarkable contribution by Iceland towards fighting climate changes.

Iceland owns a part of the area known as the Dragon Zone, Northeast of Iceland, where oil is possibly to be found. Iceland, Norway and others are still working on planning and licensing explorations in the area. It would obviously be highly profitable and convenient for Iceland if oil was found in the area, but even just during the future explorations, towns in Northeast Iceland are hoping to gain considerable profits.

Bill McKibben, the world famous journalist, has written a large number of articles and books about environmental issues and is one of the founders of the international grassroots movement, who fights for protecting the Earth against climate changes.

Mr. McKibben had a lecture in Reykjavík today and the hall was packed. He does not like the Icelandic government's plans to drill for oil in the Dragon Zone.

"The world does not need more oil. We have more coal, oil and gas than we can use. If we are going to do anything to try to stop the climate changes and the changes in the ocean, then we have to leave the oil in the ground. Iceland could do us a big favor by saying: 'There might be oil there, but let's leave it where it has been for the last million years' ".

Mr. McKibben says we are chasing money and that Iceland does not need more energy, the country is well off when it comes to natural energy resources.


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Last modified on Monday, 06 May 2013 08:52

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