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Rabbits Shot in Icelandic village

The Icelandic Ministry for the Environment has given permission to the community Árborg to kill rabbits in Eyrarbakki and Selfoss where the rabbits population has increased drastically and the rabbits are causing damage in people's gardens and elsewhere.

The rabbits will be shot on sight, even inside the village

The rabbits have become a huge problem in Selfoss and Eyrarbakki and bother many people, even though some love them and don't want them to be depopulated.

Rabbits procreate very fast and Ásta Stefánsdóttir, mayor in Árborg community, is happy that they finally have the permission to reduce the rabbit stock in the area, at least somewhat.

Árborg has hired exterminators that will go around the villages to hunt the rabbits. A similar effort was done last year and over 100 rabbits were killed. They mayor hopes that many more will be killed this year.

The mayor says that shooting them is the easiest way to do it. Poison and traps can be dangerous for pet dogs and cats in the area.


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Last modified on Monday, 08 July 2013 20:55

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