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Iceland Worm Monster on Fact or Faked - VIDEO

The Lagarfljótsormur, Lagarfljót worm, (or simply Iceland Worm Monster) is an Icelandic lake cryptic which is purported to live in Lagarfljót in Egilsstaðir. Sightings have been logged since 1345 and continue into the 21st century.

TV show, Fact or Faked featured the monster on one of their episodes. They came to Iceland and experimented to try to find out if the monster was in fact there. Check out the video below.

Fact or Faked came to Iceland after the Worm Monster was caught on tape

Since its birth, many have seen it, but Hjörtur Kjerúlf  was the first to catch it on film. Hjörtur was on his way by the Jöklsá í Fljótsdal river which runs out into Lagarfljótið when he captured this footage.


Following is a story about the worm monster from Iceland in Pictures (

Iceland has its own little known Loch Ness. It is a worm that lives in the massive Lagarfljót river in east Iceland. It was first spotted in 1345 and apparently began its life as a grassworm. The story says that a girl left the worm in a small chest on top of a golden ring, because everybody knows that’s the way to grow a chest full of gold. [Try it, it works.] When the girl returned she was frustrated to see that instead of the gold growing, the worm had grown. In her anger, she threw the chest along with the worm out into the Lagarfljót river. Out in the river, the worm kept growing until it became a monster which harassed anybody who came near it. The worm mainly stays out in the river, but occasionally spews poison over fields along the river.

Fact or Faked episode - Iceland Worm Monster and Stonehenge Secrets:


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