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Continuing Rain throughout July

A heat wave goes through Britain these days and good weather is all around Europe. The same cannot be said about Iceland which has received quite a lot of rain this summer.

July is usually the way best month in Iceland, weather-wise, followed by June and August. This summer has been very wet though, and it has rained most days in July. Icelanders as well as travelers are already very tired of this weather and are still waiting for the summer to begin. Most are hoping for a few dry weeks of sun.

People don't even care that much if the temperature is low or high, all they want is for the rain to stop. But will it?

Icelandic Met Office predicts continuing rain throughout July

The Icelandic Meteorological Office predicts continuing rain throughout July, especially in South- and West-Iceland, including the capital area. The rain in the capital will not be non-stop though, but most days will be somewhat rainy.

North and East Iceland can expect warmer temperature and less rain.

The Icelandic Met Office furthermore reports that Iceland is far from a precipitation this summer and that the weather this summer is not unusual. If we look at a 30 year average, this summer is just average.

We have had a summer like this before and we will have a summer like this again.


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Last modified on Monday, 15 July 2013 12:59

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