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Is Summer Finally here? - Great Weather the Next Few Days

Last we reported on the weather, a week ago, the headline was 'Continuing Rain throughout July'. The Icelandic Meteorological Office seems (fortunately) to have been a bit off. Yesterday the sun started to shine in the Southwest (including the capital), where people have missed it the most.

North and East Iceland have enjoyed way better weather and more sun so far this summer than the majority of the nation in the capital area and west and south Iceland.

No Sun and Mostly Rain so far this summer

White wine sales have dropped in Iceland, a record number of tourists, Icelandic and foreign alike, have flocked to the North and East just to experience some sun. Many camp sites in that area have been full the past week, something that doesn't happen often. Travel agencies have also been selling unusually many trips out of the country, even last minute. Not only have we experienced unusually little sun, but at the same time, extremely much rain.

The nation (in the southwest) has been craving some sun. And their prayers seem to have been answered.

The sun came out Yesterday when it was partly cloudy. Most of west Iceland has clear sky and sunshine today (see map above) and the temperature could go up to 24°C (75°F) in the shade.

The forecast looks similar for this week, until the weekend, when it might get colder.

Icelanders as well as foreign tourists in Iceland should therefore go out and try to enjoy the good weather as much as possible this week. Who knows how fast this can change.



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Last modified on Tuesday, 23 July 2013 10:25

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