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Polar bears on their way to Iceland?

Two icebergs were spotted from a fishing boat around five o'clock this morning. One the icebergs is huge. They were spotted just North of Iceland. Polar bears sometimes come to Iceland on these icebergs, that has happened a few times in the past few years.

The icebergs drifted to Iceland at the speed of one nautical mile per hour, according to the captain that spotted them. The smaller one is around 40 to 50 meters in diameter, but the other one is around 300 meters in diameter and around 10 meters high. Only one tenth of an iceberg is above water, like is commonly known, so the iceberg goes around 100 meters into the ocean. The icebergs are drifting towards Iceland but sea currents could change their direction as they drift closer.

The icebergs are easily visible on radar and are therefore not a danger to ships in the area. The captain did not sail close enough to see if there were polar bears on the icebergs. Every polar bear that has drifted to Iceland in past years has been shot. They are usually very hungry and very dangerous. Mayor Jon Gnarr gave an election promise to catch one the polar bears and keep it at the Reykjavik Zoo. That promise has not been fulfilled yet.

The campaign video (a song) from the Best Party can be seen here below. The Best Party (Icelandic: Besti flokkurinn) is an Icelandic political party founded by Jón Gnarr on 16 November 2009. The party ran in the 2010 city council election in Reykjavík and won a plurality on the Reykjavík City Council, receiving 34.7% of the vote, defeating the Independence Party which received 33.6%



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Last modified on Thursday, 15 August 2013 11:16

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