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Rolling Stone editor happy with Iceland Airwaves

David Fricke, one of the editors of the music magazine Rolling Stone, writes about Iceland Airwaves 2013 that was held recently in Reykjavik. Fricke attends the festival every year and he said that the first person he met when he was walking downtown Reykjavik was Jonsi in Sigur Ros.

Jonsi was happy to pose for him with fans from the US and South Korea that were passing by.

Fricke said that Björk Gudmundsdottir attended many concerts, for example Omar Souleyman and Ghostdigital. Fricke mentiones that Björk bought her Airwaves ticket herself.

The German band Kraftwerk fascinated the editor, and he said that he noticed that the band member Ralf Hütter was playing all the time, but Fricke thought that the concert would started by simply pressing a button.

Fricke mentioned the Icelandic band Grísalappalísu as a band that was likely to make it. He was also fond of Ghostdigital, and he said that he could not imagine the Airwaves festival without that band. He was also happy with Amiina, he for example wrote:

"Amiina's latest EP, The Lighthouse Project, features music that originated during a 2009 tour of Icelandic lighthouses. They didn't perform anything from it in this set, but everything they did play was, like a stiff sea breeze, bracing and uplifting."


Read the full article here.


Last modified on Saturday, 09 November 2013 17:25

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