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Top Gear USA films in Iceland

Top Gear USA has a crew of 30 people in Iceland these days, shooting an episode that will be shown on the History Channel in a couple of months. The Top Gear boys, Adam Ferrera, Tanner Faust and Rutledge Wood, are of course all in Iceland for the event.

The crew is using ten trucks while filming and especially asked for three old and significantly altered American 'gas guzzlers'. Ferrera, Faust and Wood will be driving around Iceland the next days in these trucks, Ford Bronco, Scout and Chevrolet.

The manager of Arctic Trucks, which assists Top Gear USA with their project in Iceland, says that the team will be here until mid next week. They won't be driving a lot in the city, but the rest of their plans has to stay confidential and will be a mystery until the show airs this spring.




Last modified on Friday, 08 February 2013 02:30

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