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Mercedes Benz commercial shot in Iceland

One of the first photos ever of the CLA Mercedes One of the first photos ever of the CLA Mercedes

Beautiful Icelandic nature is once again used as background for an elegant car, this time for the new CLA Mercedes Benz. The commercial is 3 minute long and is shot in various places in Iceland.

Among the places you can see in the video are the Mývatn area, Nesjavellir road, the Blue Lagoon area and Eyjafjöll mountains. A large husky dog plays the role of a wolf in the video.

When the commercial was being shot in Iceland, no photos had been released of the car in the world, but a quick photographer managed to snap a photo of it when they were shooting close to the Blue Lagoon. Those photos soon spread all over the web.


Last modified on Friday, 01 February 2013 13:03

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