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An Icelandic whale beer banned by health autorities Featured

An Icelandic whale beer banned by health autorities

The production of a specific whale beer in Iceland has been banned by the West Iceland Health Authorities. The reason is that the whale meal used in the production does not meet the requirements that are stated in laws regarding food.

"We are going to go over the reasons given for why the beer was banned. Our lawyers will look into the matter and we will take a desicion after that." said Dagbjartur Ariliusson, owner of the brewery SteĆ°ji that produces the beer.

They have not been notified of the ban and the owner firsts heard about this when a radio station contacted him to inquire about the ban. Whale meal is made of intestines, bones and other materials. According to EU regulation it is not allowed to use the meal for human consumption, or for animals intended for human consumption.

Very little whale meal is used in the production, according to the CEO of the West Iceland Health Authorities there is around 1 kg of the meal in every 2000 liters of beer.


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