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Prince Harry and a few Icelanders drank from a prosthetic leg together Featured

Prince Harry Prince Harry

"The Icelandic drivers, that were supposed to drive the assisting vehicles, had stored alcohol for us so that we could celebrate, so we went on a bender, we were drinking champagne from a prosthetic leg owned by one of the team members" said the actor Dominic West about arriving to the South Pole with Prince Harry and others.

The journey they were on is called Walking With the Wounded. The group was large comprised of soldiers who had lost limbs. The purpose of the tour was to raise money to finance education and training for ex-soldiers. 

Icelanders from the company Arctic Trucks worked with setting up camp for the group and helping the guides. The company supplied four super jeeps for the tour. Arctic Trucks is an Icelandic company that specializes in modifying 4WD vehicles for use in rough environments, for example in the mountains, on glaciers or in the desert. Arctic Trucks runs an extensive travel service in Novo on the Antarctica.

Dominic West, who is best known for his role in The Wire, said at a press conference that the prince kept everybody in a good mood using dirty jokes. West talked highly of the prince and described him as a 'really cool dude, that was very much a part of the team'.

The group burst out in celebration when they finally arrived to the South Pole, according to what West said. 

He said: 'Two of the Aussie guys stripped naked and ran round the pole but most of us, Harry included, just went on a two-day bender with the Icelandic truck drivers who had brought some lethal home brew with them. There was a lot of liqueur drunk.
'We all drank champagne out of Duncan's (Slater, a double amputee injured in Afghanistan in 2009, who was on the British team) favourite prosthetic legs.'
And Harry's greatest talent? 'Well he told some eye-wateringly rude jokes which for a non-soldier like me was pretty shocking!' West revealed.

Harry came to Iceland last summer, and trained on Langjokull glacier, to prepare for the tour to Antarctica.


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