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Icelanders danced naked around a bonfire inside a cave Featured

"This is extremely dangerous not to mention ridiculous, and it is a bit spooky to dance inside a cave in the middle of the day" said Svanur Gisli Thorkelsson, guide at Iceland Excursions. He was on his way with 13 passengers into the cave when he was stopped by a French guide who told him what was going on.

The French guide said that it was not possible to enter the cave because there was a bonfire inside. He said that three or four Icelanders were inside the cave, dancing naked around a bonfire.

The Icelandic guide found this hard to believe and went alone to the cave to see for himself. "This was correct. The cave was full of smoke and poisoned." said the guide. He said that the French guide had called the police but then the Icelanders ran away and the guide did not catch the cars registration number.

The police placed a sign next to the caves entrance, warning people about carbon-dioxide poisoning. The cave has to be checked for carbon-dioxide, because the substance is invisible and odorless. Tourists go on excursions to the cave every day, and people should now better that to light a fire inside a cave, the smoke can easily kill you.


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