The same candy costs triple when the packaging is in English Featured

It was recently brought to our attention that the same candy can be bought in the same store for up to 3 times as much, depending on the packaging. English labeled candy is much more expensive than the original.

It has long been known in Iceland that various services and products are often more expensive when foreigners buy them than when Icelanders do it. For example: Some tours or accommodation and even actual things, like this candy.

Some advantages for Icelanders are as obvious as you needing an Icelandic identity number (kennitala) to receive a certain price, others are through, for example, coupons (in Icelandic) that can only be found in Icelandic magazines or newspapers and so on. But sometimes, like with the candy in question, the same popular Icelandic candy is wrapped in new packaging, labeled in English and sold for up to triple the original price.

Some stores are obvious enough to sell both the Icelandic version and the English one. Others, such as more 'touristy' places, sell only the latter. But even where they sell both, foreigners are probably much more likely to buy Icelandic Lava Sparks or Icelandic Puffin Eggs rather than Möndlur or Djúpur.

On the other hand, one might argue that the English versions of the candy look much better and could also be bought by tourists as novelty items or gifts for friends back home.

The photo above shows the same candy, in the same store, in different packaging. The ever-popular original Möndlur (left) are sold for ISK 349 but the Icelandic Lava Sparks for ISK 879. Both bags weigh 150 grams. The case was similar for the original Djúpur vs the new Icelandic Puffin eggs. The English labeled candy is over 150% more expensive than the original one.

In the Icelandic Duty Free store at Keflavik International Airport both packaging types can be bought of the various sweets and the English one is generally around three times more expensive or ISK 699 vs ISK 233 for the original.

The English labeled sweets are sold by Iceland Treasures, which have the sole purpose to produce souvenir candy in Iceland. The company sells Icelandic Puffin Eggs, Icelandic Lava Pebbles, Icelandic Northern Lights and the Icelandic Lava Sparks


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