F-16 getting mid air refuel over Iceland - VIDEO Featured

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A video of a Norwegian F-16 jet getting mid air refuel over Iceland from a USAF tanker was recently posted on The video was filmed from one pilot's cockpit, both when another plane and his own were being fueled. Check out the video below.

Iceland Air Meet 2014

The Norwegian jet is part of the Iceland Air Meet 2014 air-defence flying training event, which takes place in Iceland from 3-21st of February.

The Iceland Air Meet 2014 (IAM2014) will bring together participants from NATO member nations Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands, and from partner countries Finland and Sweden, to conduct a wide range of air defence-related flying activities. It will take advantage of the deployment to Iceland of a Norwegian air-defence detachment on 27 January, to conduct the regular NATO peacetime preparedness mission. This mission is conducted by NATO Allies only and is separate and distinct from IAM2014.

More info on Iceland Air Meet 2014 here

A Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 getting mid air refuel over Iceland from a USAF tanker (100th Air Refueling Wing).


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