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A tourist called the national emergency number a couple of days ago when he was traveling alone in Snæfellsnes peninsula, next to Snæfellsjökull glacier. He had stayed in a tent but the weather suddenly became insanely crazy with both storm and snow.

The phone connection with the man was quite bad, but he managed to describe roughly where he was. Two search and rescue teams from Snæfellsnes went looking for him and eventually found him. The man was well equipped and perfectly ok, but frightened because of the crazy weather.

Around 40 people from two SAR teams went searching for the man with snowmobiles, off-road jeeps and snow trucks - after finding the man's tent torn apart. As we said, the man was eventually found unharmed.

Following is a video from the SAR teams where you can see SAR members secure the tent.

Extreme camping and traveling such as this has become popular in Iceland as in other places, but as this proves the weather here (as it is famous for) can change very suddenly and get the most experienced and well equipped people in trouble.

Weather Warning

In other news is the continuing bad weather. The Icelandic Met Office has once again issued a warning of strong winds, up to 20 ms, especially in East Iceland.

Whole country Forecast for next 24 hours from the Met Office

Rather light southerly or variable wind and widely rain or drizzle. Temperature 2 to 10 deg. C, warmest in the east. Increasing west wind by evening and cooling, 15 to 23 m/s in the east and snow tonight, else 10 to 15 and snowshowers. Southwest 10 to 18 and snowshowers tomorrow, but fair weather in the eastern part. Temperature around freezing point. Lighter wind by evening and less precipitation.

Forecaster's remarks

Increasing low will move northeast over Iceland by evening and tonight. The low will cause precipitation in most parts and a shortliving strong gale in the east part tonight.


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