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When traveling, be sure to bring your smartphone with you, or a tablet. It can come in handy to find exchange rates, hotels, cars, places and to meet locals. The Tinder app has been increasing in popularity among Icelanders, and you can use the app to rate pictures and chat with people.

To use the app you create a profile with a picture of yourself and a short description. You then choose to see pictures of people who are around you within a certain radius. You rate a picture LIKE or NOPE. Other people do the same. If you like somebody's profile picture, you can chat with that person, but only if the person has liked your picture. This way, only people who LIKE each other can chat. This for example decreases spam and other harassment's.

When walking downtown Reykjavik, you can set the radius (in the app) to a short distance and find people who are close. If you like each other, you could meet up at a café for example. Icelanders are extremely open and friendly people and most of them enjoy meeting new people. Iceland is after all extremely small, and Icelanders even have a special app to check how related they are, to avoid incest. So Icelanders welcome new people to share a drink with.

The app is available for Android and iOS, just search for Tinder. Then rate Icelanders and check out what happens. Icelanders are after all extremely strong and beautiful... and weird.


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