Iceland is once again the most peaceful country in the world Featured

Iceland has now for the third year in a row been classified the most peaceful nation in the world, according to the Global Peace Index which was released yesterday by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The report also states that the world has become considerably more dangerous since 2008.

The report looks among other things at low crime rate, low murder rate and few violent crimes. Also how small a percentage of the nation is behind bars and that weapons are not easily accessible.

Our neighbors and cousins in Denmark are second on the list, but 4 of the top 5 countries on the list are in Europe.

The Global Peace Index

The Global Peace Index is an attempt to measure the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness. It is the product of Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and developed in consultation with an international panel of peace experts from peace institutes and think tanks with data collected and collated by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The list was launched first in May 2007, then continued yearly. It is claimed to be the first study to rank countries around the world according to their peacefulness.

Syria is the least peaceful

The least peaceful country is Syria, ranking 162nd. A civil war is ongoing in the country where over 100,000 people have lost their lives.

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