Dangerous Weapons Confiscated by Icelandic Customs Featured

Photo: Icelandic Customs Photo: Icelandic Customs

The Icelandic customs have recently confiscated a considerable amount of illegal weapons. Almost 30 such cases have come up the in recent weeks.

Seven of those cases have to do with air guns, some of them very powerful air pistols. Other things that Icelandic customs officers have confiscated are clubs and batons, machetes, brass knuckles, switchblade knives, taser guns, handcuffs and strong laser pointers. All of those things are illegal in Iceland.

Strong laser pointers have been used to distract both drivers and pilots in recent semesters.

Most weapons like these are illegal in Iceland (yes, also air guns, handcuffs and even slingshots). Knives with blades longer than 12 cm are illegal (unless they are intended for work or household) and all automatic, switchblade and butterfly knives are illegal as well. All electrical weapons are also illegal.

It is however possible to get a gun license to own hunting or sport competition guns and hunting is quite popular in Iceland.


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