Reykjavík Pride 2014 Started Today - Gay Pride 2014 Featured

Former Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr Former Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr

The 16th annual Gay Pride festival will be celebrated this week, starting today. The festival is now called Reykjavik Pride and the festival's main event, the Reykjavík Pride parade will take place next Saturday downtown Reykjavík, beginning at 2 pm. 

Reykjavik Pride is an unquestionably important event for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Iceland. The festival promotes visibility and courage and provides us with a platform to manifest our pride before our fellow citizens. The celebrations do not only mark a successful stage in our struggle; Reykjavik Pride is also one of the most vibrant and popular events in Reykjavík’s cultural calendar. By participating in the event in such large numbers, the Icelandic people have shown us valuable support, recognition and respect.
The Reykjavik Pride 2014 festival takes place from August 5th-10th. 

The Program

Today’s program includes beach volleyball and a BBQ at Nauthólsvík geothermal beach in Reykjavík at 5 pm. Many events are in English so don't worry if you don't speak Icelandic - you can still have fun.
Another interesting event takes place tomorrow: The Reykjavík Sundhöllin swimming pool will be transformed into a rainbow concert hall for one night only.

Click here for the complete program!


The mayor of Reykjavík gave blood

The new mayor of Reykjavík, Dagur B. Eggertsson, attended the first event of Reykjavík Pride this morning when he went to the Blood Bank to donate. 
Reykjavik Pride has been an annual event in Reykjavik since 1999, but the history goes back to 1993 when Icelandic gays and lesbians first gathered in the city center demanding freedom and human rights. 
In 2014 we celebrate Reykjavik Pride for the sixteenth time. Our cozy little pride, originally visited by some fifteen hundred onlookers, has blossomed and evolved into a colourful six day celebration that attracts up to 100 thousand guests from all over the world. Reykjavík Pride is, in fact, one of the biggest events in Iceland and one of the biggest little Prides in the world.
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