Reykjavik Pride 2014 - Gay Pride Parade - PHOTOS Featured

Reykjavík Pride 2014 - Gay Pride 2014 - Reykjavík, Iceland Reykjavík Pride 2014 - Gay Pride 2014 - Reykjavík, Iceland

The 2014 Reykjavík Pride parade took place yesterday. Almost 30% of the Icelandic population are expected to have participated in the festivities - 90 thousand people.

Reykjavik was full of life and happiness yesterday when the 2014 Gay Pride parade was celebrated in the city.

The Reykjavík Pride parade has grown to be one of the most popular events in Iceland, even bigger than our National Day, the Independence day of Iceland, which is celebrated on June 17th.

The parade started at 2 pm yesterday and took about two hours to finish, followed by a series of concerts by some of Iceland's most famous musicians.

Proud families!

The Canadian ambassador to Iceland participated with his husband!

The mayor of Reykjavík showed his support with other Reykjavík city officials

Homosexuality is illegal in 78 countries!

The USA embassy also participated!

Icelandic scouts showed their support for human rights.

Páll Óskar (Paul Oscar) stole the scene (as usual) with his amazing ride, costumes and show!

Up to 30% of the Icelandic population is believed to have participated in yesterday's festivities.


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