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Photo: Wikipedia -  Anton Nossik Photo: Wikipedia - Anton Nossik

The Ice Cream Day will be celebrated in the town of Hveragerði, half an hour from Reykjavík, this Saturday. The Ice Cream Day has been held for a number of years but ice cream manufacturer Kjörís is located in the village. This year everyone will have the chance to taste ice cream made from breast milk.

And it's all free!

On the Ice Cream Day, Kjörís has always offered various kinds of ice cream, some with strange flavors, such as shark flavored ice cream, Doritos nachos ice cream, Turkish pepper ice cream, toothpaste ice cream and much more.  The breast milk ice cream will add to that list. 

The ice cream is obviously called búbís (pronounced "boobies"), as ís in Icelandic translates to ice cream. 

Breastfeeding mothers in Hveragerði have volunteered their milk to the experiment, but this is the first time in Iceland that ice cream is made from human milk. 

Have some búbís in Hveragerði this Saturday

If you are in Iceland you should not miss the chance to try many different kinds of ice cream - all for free - from 1-4 pm this Saturday. Many 'normal' flavors will be offered but different flavors include Royal Caramel Pudding flavor, Skittles, Cottage Cheese, and harðfiskur (traditional Icelandic dried fish) ice cream.

From the Kjörís Ice Cream Day last year:


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