Plans to photograph 1/1000 of the Icelandic nation Featured

Screenshot from Lozenko 's Facebook page Screenshot from Lozenko 's Facebook page

A russian photographer plans to photograph 1/1000 of the Icelandic population. The project is called 320 Icelanders. She wants each subject/person to represent 1000 Icelanders, as the nation counts about 320,000 people.

The photographer, Varya Lozenko, will photograph people of both genders and all ages. The shots will be casual and not staged. In fact the project is underway and Icelanders can expect to run into Varya with her camera anytime and anywhere.

She told Ví "I knew nothing of the country itself but knew that Björk was from there. I became fascinated by the country right away. I was fascinated by the people, how peaceful the country is and how well the nature has been preserved. I thought that every single person I met was unique and therefore decided to start the project."

Varya Lozenko about her project:

I decided to photograph 320 Icelanders of different age, social status, living in different parts of the country. If I am lucky enough to bring this project to the end, I will have photographed one thousandth of the population of this country that has long become very dear to me. Iceland/ers, I love you...

She will put up an exhibition once the project is finished.

For photos and more information visit her Facebook page


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