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A major exhibition in Iceland devoted to Anne Herzog , french artist based in Iceland, focuses on the series of astonishingly visionary and fictional drawings. Anne is looking at the center of the earth in Iceland. Recently she has been to a wild and volcanic island in the Caribbean to shoot her most recent documentary, "the doomed land".

The plot of the documentary (2014) is the story of the indigenous Caribs who was leaving in the town of Saint Pierre, near the explosive active volcano Mount Pelee.

The indigenous Caribs was occupied the island of Martinique about 1200 CE. Then, in 1635, the french governement landed in the harbour of St. Pierre and established the first European settlement. The indigenous Caribs were killed and those who survived were taken captive.

According to the legend, soldiers had ambushed the indigenous Caribs and harried them. The Chef Carib was shot and left for dead in a pool of crimson water. In despair, his fellow tribesmen turned to the Fire Mountain (volcano Mount Pelée), begging its spirit to remember their deaths and punish those responsible.

The Fire Mountain will avenge us ! they cried .

This, it turned out, was the haunting story behind the stretch of water known as The Tomb of the Caribs.
All that remained by 1901 was a a vague sense of unease and a long-held belief that the area was best avoided after dark, where it was taken over by magicians and sorcers.
On May 8, 1902, a blast from the volcano Mont Pelée destroyed the town of St. Pierre, killing almost all of its 29,000 people.

The only survivors were a shoemaker, a prisoner, a singer, a little girl and a military, the oncle of the grand mother of the film maker, Anne Herzog.

Folktales say also that the volcano erupt during the carnival in 1902 because people of Saint Pierre blasphemed the name of God.

An another documentary (2007) that prints the legend of the church of Piton Sainte-Rose, a village in the Indian Ocean, which was miraculously preserved from the lava flow of the volcano Peak of the Furnace in 1977.

"When i arrive on the island, the volcano erupt " say Anne Herzog.

Concerning the drawings, there is a beautiful

"Révolution: Generation volcano", comprises original watercolors, drawings, sculpture (a fruit offered by a sorcer from volcano Mount Pelée), super 8 videos, documentary shot on the strato volcano Snæfellsjökull, explosive volcano montagne Pelée and shield volcano Peak of the Furnace (Indian ocean), all drawn from the artists' respective journeys to the legendary sites of the volcanic landscape.


Revolution:Generation volcano
Exhibition from 1 february - 26 february 2014
Location: The lobby of the Nordic House, Reykjavik.


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