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Mosque Building Plans in Reykjavik Approved Featured

Mosque Building Plans in Reykjavik Approved

The Association of Muslims in Iceland filed an application for the building of a mosque in Reykjavík in 2000. Reykjavík City Council finally approved today the building site and plans for a mosque to be built in Sogamýri in Reykjavik.

"I’m just happy, what else can I say", said Sverrir Agnarsson, president of the Icelandic Muslim Association. "Good news for muslims in Iceland".

"I hope we can start constructions next spring", Sverrir said.

Terrorists will not finance the building of the mosque in Iceland

When asked how the building will be financed, he said that the organization will mostly rely on individuals. "But we are also entitled to something from the collective Muslim funds. We do all of this in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice to ensure that all funds we receive are legal and not connected to any terrorist groups."

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