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Storm Warning and Impassable Routes Featured

Storm Warning and Impassable Routes

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a warning for this evening and night, which might continue through tomorrow. Many roads, especially mountain roads, are closed due to snowstorms and heavy wind.

A strong gale warning (20 m/s or more) is widely in effect by evening and tonight.

Whole country forecast for next 24 hours

Northeast 15 to 28 m/s, strongest wind near Eyjafjöll and Öræfum, but 10 to 18 in the northeast and east parts. Rain or sleet in the south and east parts, but snowshowers in the north and west. Temperature 1 to 5 degrees. C, in the southernmost part, elsewhere near zero deg. Easterly wind and rain by evening in the south late evening. Easterly wind 10 to 18 tomorrow, but decreasing wind by afternoon. Rain in the south and west by morning, elsewhere mostly dry.

Forecaster's remarks

Prepared by the meteorologist on duty 03.02.2014 18:33

Very bad travelling weather can be expected in most parts and wind gust up to 50 m/s near mountains in the south and southeast. Strong wind gusts can also be expected in the west part.

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration also issued a warning for today

Attention !  On the main road near Öræfajökull (Skaftefell) there is expected very strong wind-gusts today.  40-50 m/s between 12:00 and 16:00.

Make sure to plan ahead and check the weather and road conditions before travelling in Iceland in the winter.

Click HERE for further information on the weather in Iceland and HERE for road conditions.


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