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Many Roads Closed and Bad Weather Warning Featured

Many Roads Closed and Bad Weather Warning

Many roads in Iceland were closed earlier today due to heavy snow from last night, especially in North Iceland and the Westfjords. Most of the roads have now been opened but the weather forecast for tonight is still not too great, strong wind, snow and sleet.

Weather outlook

Northeast 15 to 23 m/s, strongest by the southeast coast. Snow . sleet or snow in north part, sleet or intermittent sleet or rain in the east part, but partly fair in the southwest. Decreasing wind and mostly fair in south part tomorrow, but mostly dry in east part.Temperature widely 0 to 4 deg. C, but light frost inland.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Friday: Northeast 8-15 m/s and widely snowshowers, but mostly dry in the southwest and west part. Frost 1 to 8 degrees,C, coldest inland i north. On Saturday: North wind 10 to 15 m/s at the east coast, but elsewhere much lighter north wind. Snowshowers in the north and east, otherwise mainly fair. Frost widely 1 to 10 degrees C, coldest inland. On Sunday: North fresh breeze and snowshowers at the east coast, elsewhere light winds and widely fair. Considerable frost. On Monday: Increasing southeast wind and becoming overcast in the southwest, decreasing frost, but still cold and fair elsewhere. On Tuesday: Looks like southeast wind with snow or sleet and later rain in west part and becoming warmer, but fair and ligt frost in northeast part.

Click HERE for further information on the weather in Iceland and HERE for road conditions.


Source: Icelandic Met Office

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