Storm warning for Iceland - tonight and tomorrow Featured

Storm warning for Iceland - tonight and tomorrow

Warning! Strong gale or storm (more than 20-28 m/s) is expected in the souternmost part tomorrow. Increasing wind tonight, mainly in the southern part. Wind gusts is expected over 40 m/s by Eyjafjöll Mountains and Öræfi tomorrow afternoon.

Weather outlook

East 5 to 13 m/s, but slighter variable wind in the northeast. Partly cloudy, but slight snowshowers in the east. Increasing wind tonight, east 15 to 28 in the south part tomorrow, strongest wind near Eyjafjöllum and Öræfum in the afternoon. Slight intermittent sleet or snow in the south, elsewhere cloudy and occasional snowshowers, but east 10 to 18 and cloudy and manly dry in the northwest. More precipitation in the southernmost part tomorrow evening. Frost 0 to 13 deg. C, coldest inland, but decreasing frost tomorrow and temperature 0 to 5 deg, C in the southernmost part.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Thursday: East and northeast 13 to 20 m/s, strongest in the northwest, but east 18 to 23 in the southernmost part at first. Sleet in the south, snow in the east, elsewhere widely snowshowers, but somewhat clearing in the southwest in the afternoon. Temperature 1 to 5 deg. C, by the south coast, elsewhere frost 0 to 5 deg. On Friday: Northeast 8 to 15 m/s, but 13 to 18 in the northwest. Snow or sleet in the east, snowshowers in the north, but mostly dry in the southwest. Frost 0 to 8 deg, C. On Saturday: Rather slight northeast wind. Occasional snowshowers in the north and east parts, but fair in the southernmost part. Similar temperature. On Sunday and Monday: Northeasterly wind and widely precipitation, either rain, sleet or snow. Temperature above zero deg, in the southernmost part, elsewhere slight frost.

Click HERE for further information on the weather in Iceland and HERE for road conditions.


Source: Icelandic Met Office


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