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Storm Warning today - Parents: Pick up your children Featured

Storm Warning today - Parents: Pick up your children

Yet another storm warning has been issued in Iceland. The Icelandic Met Office issued a storm warning for today, predicting up to 25 meters per second wind with rain, sleet and ice in the city. Much stronger gusts of wind are expected near certain mountains.

Parents have been encouraged to pick up their children from school so they don't have to travel by themselves, as the worst storm goes by, between 3 and 5 pm today. Both pedestrians and drivers are also encouraged to be cautious.

Whole country Forecast for next 24 hours

Becoming southeast 18 to 25 m/s with considerable rain in the south and west parts, but 15 to 20 and sleet in the northeast. Slighter southwest wind and snowshowers in the west tonight, but still gale in the northwest until morning. South 5 to 10 and mostly dry tomorrow, but drizzle or rain in the southeast in the evening. Becoming warmer and temperature 3 to 8 deg, C in the afternoon, but then cooling again.
Forecast made 10.03.2014 13:05 GMT

Forecaster's remarks

Becoming southeast strong gale or storm, considerably warmer and roads can become very slippery, where snow and ice is on the road. Also is expected very strong gusts in the west, up to 45 m/s in the north Snæfellsnes, but 35 m/s in Kjalarnes and near Hafnarfjall.

Click HERE for further information on the weather in Iceland and HERE for road conditions.


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