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Noise Map of Iceland Featured

Noise map of Reykjavík - Dark blue indicates the most noise, and so on. Noise map of Reykjavík - Dark blue indicates the most noise, and so on.

The Environment Agency of Iceland, in cooperation with The Noise Observation and Information Service for Europe, has published a noise map of Reykjavík and the largest towns in Iceland.

The map is quite interesting and can for example be used when picking out a future home or a place to stay for tourists.


NOISE is the Noise Observation and Information Service for Europe maintained by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis on behalf of the European Commission. It contains data related to strategic noise maps delivered in accordance with European Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise.

Otherwise known as the Environmental Noise Directive, or END, this establishes a system of source identification, noise mapping and population exposure assessments based upon harmonised noise indicators for Europe.

The EEA requests all its member and collaborating countries to provide the information required by the Environmental Noise Directive because noise pollution is a pan European issue. EEA produces assessments of the impact of noise, which aim to cover all of the geographical areas of Europe that are most affected by major transport network and industrial noise sources.

Click here to view a noise map of Europe


Click the map of Reykjavík below for a full quality noise map of the city:

Click here to visit the Environment Agency of Iceland website about the project.


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