Melting Glacier causes Icelandic town to Rise Featured

Photo: News of Iceland/Heiko Scheible Photo: News of Iceland/Heiko Scheible

A fishing village in southeast Iceland, Höfn in Hornafjörður, has risen 15cm (6 inches) since 1997 due to glacial uplift caused by glacier melt.

The southeast coast is rising fast

Vatnajökull glacier, the biggest in Europe, is to blame. Due to its melting, the land in question has risen between 0.8 cm and 1.4 cm per year (0.3-0.6 inches)

Head of climate research at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, Halldór Björnsson, said: "What happens when the glaciers retreat and get thinner is that the pressure is eased and the earth lifts up".

When Vatnajökull glacier will finally be completely melted, the land under it will have risen 100 meters (328 feet), but Höfn will have risen 20 meters.

On top of all this, the glacial melting will increase volcanic activity.


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