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Dynjandisheiði mountain road in the Westfjords Dynjandisheiði mountain road in the Westfjords

We are so sorry. Once again the Icelandic Met Office is issuing weather warnings. Mudflows are possible in the Westfjords and Tröllaskagi peninsula in northern Iceland. Strong gusts by mountains and continuing rain is expected throughout the country, but fortunately the southwest should be mainly dry.

Heavy rainfall in the Westfjords and other parts of North Iceland have caused several mudslides. The landslides have also fallen over roads - so beware in those areas! Click here to view a video of a mudslide on the road between Ísafjörður and Hnífsdalur.

Warning from the Icelandic Met Office

Expected strong gusts by mountains, especially in the northwestern part tonight and by morning and cars with trailers or similar should not travel. Also expected heavy rain in the northeast part tonight, but in the Northwest part tomorrow.

Whole country Forecast for next 24 hours

Northerly 10 to 20 m/s, strongest wind in the northwest and west parts. Stronger winds for a while tonight and by morning. Widely rain, but mainly dry in the southwest. Increasing wind in the northeast by evening and considerable or heavy rain in the northeast tonight. Considerable or heavy rain in the norhtwest by noon tomorrow, but moderate wind and precipitation in the northeast. Less precipitation in the south part. Decreasing wind and rain tomorrow evening. Temperature 6 to 14 degrees C, mildest in the southwest.

Forecaster's remarks

Expected strong north wind or gale, even storm, strongest in the northwest part tonight and by morning and widely strong gusts by mountains, 30-40 m/s. Expected considerable or heavy rain in the northeast tonight and by morning, but later in the northwest part. Much lighter rain in the south.

Click HERE for further information on the weather in Iceland and HERE for road conditions.


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