Wettest July since The Founding of the Republic of Iceland Featured

Rain in Reykjavík, Iceland Rain in Reykjavík, Iceland

This July in Iceland was the wettest in decades. We have not seen more rain in Akureyri (the capital of the North) since the founding of the Republic of Iceland. Akureyri saw 73.1 mm of rain this July, more than double the average precipitation.

Also little sun this summer in Iceland

The extreme rain was not only apparent in the North but throughout most of Iceland. On top of that there was little sunshine in South and Southwest Iceland.

Reykjavík had 89.3 mm of rain this July which is over 70% above the average rain. More rain has not been seen in the city in July since 1984 - for 30 years.

The average temperature this July in Reykjavík was 11.8°C (53°F) and sunshine hours were measured 116 which is 88 hours below the last 10 years average. We have not had fewer sunshine hours since 1989.

The highest measured temperature this July in Iceland was 23.3°C (74°F) in Húsavík, North Iceland.

Labor Day Weekend in Iceland

The Labor Day Weekend in Iceland is always following the first Monday of August each year.

The first weekend of August is a long weekend throughout Iceland and most stores are closed on the Monday. Icelanders, by the thousands, take to their cars and head out of town to camp in the wilds or join in one of the organized events that are held throughout the country. These range from teetotaling family festivities to to outdoor loud rock festivals.

One of the most popular festivals takes place in Vestmannaeyjar ("The Westman Islands") and is called Þjóðhátíð. The photos below are from there.



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