Bárðarbunga Volcano earthquakes in 3D - VIDEO Featured

The Icelandic Met Office has created a 3D video showing the seismic activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. The Bárðarbunga seismic activity can now be explored in a three dimensional video (30 sec.) which shows earthquakes from 16th to 20th August 2014.

Location, depth and age of earthquakes in Bárðarbunga 16-20 August 2014.

The colour of the dots implies the date: First there are red dots, then orange, yellow, light-green and then green. Please note that height and depth are exaggerated five times in order to show the topography explicitly and to expand the space between the earthquakes at depth.

The magnitude of the earthquakes is not shown; all dots are of equal size in this video. The same dots are shown on the surface as at depth for better harmony between the two. The depth of the earthquakes is indicated by the horizontal planes which are set at 0 km, 5 km and 10 km depth below sea level.

IMO's specialist, Bogi B. Björnsson, compiled this video from the available data.


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Comic by Michael Roache


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