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The Icelandic whale beer, called Hvalur The Icelandic whale beer, called Hvalur

The government run liquor stores in Iceland do not have a legal precedence to ban the whale beer, even though the West Iceland Health Authorities say that the beer does not fulfill the requirements stated in the food production laws. The assistant CEO of the liquor stores says this. Around two thirds of the whale beer production has already been sold.

The reason that the health authorities claim that the brewery is not allowed to sell the beer, is because they are not authorized to produce whale meal for human consumption. The brewery that produces the beer, Stedji, is unhappy about the health authorities decision and will take the matter to court. The brewery claims that the law article that the authorities refer to is no longer a part of the laws on food production. They also mention that very little of the whale meal is used in the production.

The minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, Sigurdur Ingi Jóhannsson, said that the ministry will use a few months to review the matter, but the beer can be sold until the ministry has made a decision. The beer was intended for the Icelandic feast Thorrablot, and was supposed to be for sale for one month. The beer has only been for sale for about one week but most of the production has already been sold.


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